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The main purpose of a Medical spa is to administer medical procedures in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for its clientele. Medical spas offer medical procedures under the supervision of licensed and specialized staff. They provide corrective medical treatments and skin, hair, and nail care products. Particularly, they specialize in anti-aging treatments to decelerate the aging process and reduce wrinkles and treat sagging of skin and age spots. In addition to anti-aging treatment, med spas provide the best laser treatments for facial and body hair removal, stretch marks removal, birthmark removal, and more. Currently, medi spas are trending in Pakistan, and various clinics such as Cosmetique clinic are offering the best medical spa treatment in Lahore

What is Medi Spa?

Medi spa is a hybrid of a cosmetic medical center and a typical day spa. It offers corrective non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for skin abnormalities, unwanted hair removal, and anti-aging treatments under the supervision of a certified professional. Simultaneously, they provide body massages, make-up, mani/pedi, waxing, haircuts, and hair styling. 

However, Cosmetique clinic distinguishes itself from the rest by offering both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medical procedures, including hair transplantation, liposuction, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and much more. Our experienced doctors provide the most suitable and best medical spa treatments in Lahore.

We make our clients’ lives easier by encouraging rest and relaxation during the procedures. Well-trained staff conducts all medical spa treatments with utmost professional care and precision. We ensure a relaxed environment for our clients to sit back, relax and forget their daily stresses. Our medi spa and saloon treatments include laser technology, medicated facials such as hydra facial, hydrogel facial, microdermabrasion, and other branded facials like Thalgo, Guinot, etc.  

Our Procedures and Services


Every skin type is unique and requires a different approach when it comes to facials. At Costemique clinic, we provide various facials according to each age group and skin type under the supervision of skin care professionals and doctors. Facials are a great way to improve blood circulation and feel relaxed, exfoliated, and hydrated. We have the best normal hydrating and classic facials with a plethora of medical facials and the best medical spa treatments in Lahore. So, no matter which option you choose, our expert team will help with all your needs. 

Moreover, our expert staff customizes facials for your skin to improve skin quality, remove impurities and treat underlying skin diseases. Standard facials temporarily deep cleanse, brightens, and hydrate your skin, while medical facials can have a long-lasting effect. Our extraordinary medicated facials include carbon laser facials, aqua gold facials, micro-needling facials, LED facials, hydra facials, PRP facials, microdermabrasion and brightening facials by well-known brands like Thalgo and Guinot, and much more. Refer your friends and family to experience the most relaxing atmosphere at Cosmetique medi spa and the best spa saloon in Lahore.  

Hands and Feet Treatments: 

Taking care of your hand and feet is just as crucial as taking care of your face. As Cosmetique is one of the best medical spa saloons in Lahore, we provide brilliant manicures and pedicures. All our equipment is sterilized to avoid fungal infections. Procedures like scrapping are professionally handled by skillful staff in order to protect your nail cuticles. All our manicures and pedicures are customized according to our client’s needs. Whether you want basic nail buffing and transparent polish or extensive deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask, lotion, and massage, all are available in one place. Our services include Guinot and Thalgo manicures and pedicures, hand and feet polishers, scrubbing, nail buffing, and filing. 

If someone asks about the best medi spa for manicures and pedicures, you can always refer them to Cosmetique medi spa.

Nail Beautification Treatments:

Clean, finely shaped, and pretty nails not only look attractive but also are extremely important for good hygiene. Hence, at Cosmetique medi spa, our trained staff takes nail treatments very solemnly. Making your nail look pretty is not our only mission; we also want them to be perfectly healthy. 

In addition to this, our other brilliant nail services include vibrant, breathable, and gel nail colors, acrylic nail application, and removal. Refer our amazing nail art and nail care services to your female friends and family.    

Hair Care and Straightening Treatments:

Finding the most suitable hair care products and treatments is a never-ending mission for every individual. Hair fall, dullness, and thinning of hair are becoming very common issues nowadays, but rest assured, our hair care treatments are here to save the day. At Cosmetique medi spa, a number of hair care treatments are available for our prestigious customers to help you get voluminous, long, and shiny hair. Several treatments are available for the overall health of hair, such as hot oil treatment, Kerastase treatment, protein treatment, itchy scalp treatment, and much more.

 In addition, our keratin and botox treatments for healthy and straight hair are on top in Lahore. If someone asks about the best medi spa near them for the best keratin, botox, and other hair care treatments, you can always refer them to Cosmetique medi spa.

Body Massage:

A good body massage can freshen up, energize and de-stress not only your body but also the mind. Cosmetique brings the best medical spa treatments in Lahore and all around Pakistan. Our body massage services are designed to provide maximum relaxation, unwind and relieve muscular tension after hectic daily chores. It not only helps reduce stress levels but also enhances lymphatic circulation, which helps improve immune function. The release of endorphins provides a sense of satisfaction and joy.

 Our professional massage therapists are proficient in different body massages with aromatic oils. In addition, body massages are a wonderful therapy to deal with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD and relieve insomnia. If someone asks about the best medi spa treatments in Lahore for body massage, you can always refer them to Cosmetique medi spa and saloon.   

Difference Between Normal Spa Treatments and Medicated Spa Treatments

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes a medi spa from a day spa? 

Well, the difference between them is incredibly significant. Med spas not only help you to improve your beauty, cleanse your skin and provide relaxation but also focuses on deeper seated issues like laser therapies to remove unwanted hair, anti-wrinkle treatments, removal of acne spots, and chemical peeling. All these advanced facilities require well-trained professionals, and the additional medical supervision gives medi spas an edge in using procedures, equipment, and therapies that are not permitted to normal spas. Only medi spas can offer you beautifying treatments and root out underlying diseases, all together. For instance, if a client walks in for hair care treatments, only a specialized professional can diagnose an underlying hair disorder such as alopecia areata or alopecia universalis and recommend proper treatment. On the other hand, staff in a normal day spa are not specialized enough to do so.    

Reasons to Count on Us for Best Medical Spa Treatments in Lahore

  • The popularity of medi spas is emerging day by day in Pakistan. Therefore, Cosmetique medi spa brings top-of-the-range medi spa treatment specialists in Lahore/ Pakistan. One can enjoy the company of friends and relatives in a relaxed environment, ease off daily life stresses and eliminate disturbing skin and body issues. 
  • At Cosmetique medi spa, we believe in not only focusing on your beautification but advising the best possible permanent solution to your skin, nail, and hair problems. 
  • Cosmetique medi spa is a one-stop solution to cater to our respectable customers’ medicinal and beauty needs. In addition, our proficient staff provides guidelines to maintain your results after the procedures. 
  • All the treatment products used on skin and hair that are recommended to our clients are approved by FDA and certified doctors. 

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If you are looking for a medi spa, Cosmetique gives a massive selection of splendid remedies at affordable cost with a pleasant, courteous & highly skilled team of professionals that guarantees that all your desires are met. Whether you are looking for facials, keratin treatments, or anti-aging treatments, Cosmetique medi spa has something to offer you. It is one of the best providers of beauty and medical spa treatments in Lahore. Are you looking for saloon services, a relaxed environment, and medical supervision all in one place? Cosmetique medi spa is your best choice, as we provide all saloon services and the best medical spa treatments in Lahore.

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About Cosmetique Medi Spa

Cosmetique offers excellent medical spa treatments in Lahore, Pakistan. We help men and women achieve their best body image and physical health. Glowing, bright, and spotless skin not only increases your beauty but also boosts your confidence. 

Our certified dermatologists Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan, Dr. Amnah M Raj, Dr. Asma Sana Azim, Dr. Saima Malik, etc., personally supervise all medi spa procedures and provide a personalized set of treatments according to the needs of our clientele. Cosmetique delivers high-quality services and the best medi spa and saloon in Lahore.      

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