What Is Stem Cell?

Our body is made up of various types of cells.

Some of these cells carry a specialized function like for example red blood cells (RBC) are specialized to carry oxygen in our blood. But RBCs cannot divide into new cells. Meanwhile stem cells have the unique ability to not only divide into more cells repeatedly and create new cells but also as they divide they covert themselves into specialized cells too. This helps in creating new and healthier cells in our body and replacing the old damaged or lost ones. Due to this nature of stem cells many researches have been done and still undergoing on Stem cells.

Stem Cells For Hair Loss!

Stem Cell Therapy.

In regard of hair loss. A stem cell hair transplant is somewhat alike to a traditional hair transplant, but less complex because instead of removing a large number of hairs to transplant on the required area of hair loss, a stem cell hair transplant removes a small skin sample generally via punch excision from which hair follicles are harvested. At Cosmetique stem cell hair restoration is available and it helps regrow hair but with a combination of stem cell therapy and PRP treatment. Due to this nature of stem cells many researches have been done and still undergoing on Stem cells.

Stem- cells Adipose Derived Stem-Cells (ADSC)

We use non-human recombinant collagenase that is rarely used by any stem- cell center in Pakistan. Using animal derived collagenase is fraught with the risk of infection although extremely rarely. The concern of using Bovine (beef/cow origin) collagenase is at risk of transmitting mad-cow diseases for example, thus using collagenase make in the lab without involvement of any animal makes it extremely safe in humans. Collagenase enzymes that makes a sticky protein collagenase that keeps the stem-cell / fat – cell adhere to each other making fat change into free floating fat-cells and stem cells. Stem cells being heavier than the fat cells (fat always floats). We use special centrifuges to spin this fat after collagenase treatment that brings stem cells to the bottom of the test tube doing wonders to you. These stem cells have the unique ability to improve the functioning of any particular organ by adapting their structure and function of the targeted organ e.g. stem cell can change into hair cell, muscle cell, heart cell, Kidney cell as it is the parent cell.
There are various sources of stem cells, like Mesenchyme stem- cells, umbilical cord, bone marrow etc. but because of the unusual and difficult nature of these stem cells, they are rarely used. The name stem cell is self-explanatory as it defines the function-like the stem of the tree in which stem remains the same but different kinds of fruits,

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Cosmetique takes an edge over other practices because we make sure not the set any wrong expectations for our patients and guide PRP cannot always be an actual treatment but acts like a fertilizer to the actual treatment. Our dermatologists take detailed medical history to diagnose the root cause of problem, customized medication and most effective treatment and suggest PRP if & when needed rather than misleading patients into believing PRP to be the only available treatmen

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Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan

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Dr. Asma Sana Azim

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Dr. Amnah Mraj

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Dr. Saima Malik

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